Crop Protection

Pest Management and Sterile Insect Release Program (SIR)

Additional farm management practices growers use to protect to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable fruit production include the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to decide on the proper use of control products, and of the area-wide Sterile Insect Release Program (SIR) which, through the cooperation of all apple and pear tree owners, has eliminated or minimized the need for codling moth control sprays.

The SIR program is an area-wide, environmentally-friendly approach to the management of codling moth population in the fruit-growing areas of the Okanagan Valley. In addition to trap and fruit monitoring, the SIR’s main focus is delivery of sterile codling moths throughout the growing season to all orchard properties in the program area.

The BCFGA, through the Industry Development Fund and BC Investment Agriculture Foundation, is supporting a 3-year SIR Pilot Project to investigate alternative release tactics for sterile moths and multi-pest control delivery using new mating disruption products. BCFGA is also supporting a proposed expansion of the SIR Program to include other tree fruits pests and diseases.

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted Wing Drosophila in the Southern Interior Valleys of British Columbia

 2022 Tree Fruit Production Guide Supplemental

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