Water and Environment

The farming community is very conscious of the need for good water and environmental management. The risk of drought is a big issue for agriculture in the Okanagan and for tree fruit growers.

Irrigation of farmland accounts for approximately 70% of water use in the valley. Projected climate change indicates a longer growing season, higher water demand, and less available water in the future. Responsible irrigation practices can reduce the risk of water contamination and improve relationships with water providers and other users.  Combined with an increase in orchard productivity, irrigation management is beneficial to all water users.

Farmers should also be aware of weather forecasts and reports regarding potential shortages of water at the beginning of each growing season. Farmers need to irrigate their land prudently during key growing periods in order to conserve their water allocation for critical times. The BCFGA acts as one vehicle to keep the flow of information and forecasts directed to the farmer on the ground.

The BCFGA has identified a need for research in this area along with other water related projects. BCFGA is also working with the Okanagan Basin Water Stewardship Board in developing a possible pilot project for an Agriculture Water Reserve. Changes to the provincial Water Act may assist with the implementation the pilot project.

 BCFGA's proposed Drought Policy

Wildfire Planning Webinar May 13, 2020

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