Author's Note

This book is a history of the British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association (B.C.F.G.A.), written to mark the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary. It is also a history of fruit growing and marketing in British Columbia, for the history of the Association would make little sense without the background of the history of the industry it serves. I have not gone into exhaustive detail on the history of the corporate marketing and processing organizations, such as British Columbia Tree Fruits Limited and Sun-Rype Products Limited. Coverage of these entities has been limited largely to the portions of their history which relate directly to the B.C.F.G.A.

While this history was commissioned and financed by the British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association, I want to make it clear that the Association allowed me a free hand in its preparation and did not assume the role of censor. Therefore, I am responsible for its content. Expressions of opinion, except where I have indicated specific sources, are my own. They are not necessarily the opinions of the Association or of its officers.

Certain portions of the book are the work of other writers. In particular, Chapter Six, dealing with the last fifteen years, was written by Kathleen M. Kyle, and a number of people were asked to contribute short vignettes. All work written by other persons is specifically identified.

Although I have tried to include a certain amount of material for interest's sake alone, the book is not all-encompassing. I hope that this work will be of use to a broad range of growers, students, decision makers, and those of the general public who wish to be better informed about their community.

There are, no doubt, information errors, for which I must assume responsibility, just as I take credit for that which is done well. I ask anyone who spots errors, or who has queries about any part of the book, to inform me so that correct information may be recorded and confusions cleared up.

Please send communications on these matters to David Dendy, c/o British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association, 1473 Water St., Box 160, Kelowna, B.C. VIY 7N6.

David Dendy
East Kelowna, August 21, 1989

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