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April 30, 2021

2021 Tree Fruit Production Guide - updates and printed spray schedule

The BC Tree Fruit Production Guide is available on-line. 

Updates have been made for 2021 and a supplementary report on the 2021 changes is available here.

Recently, Penccozeb has been added to the guide.

  1. Growers may print the guide themselves, request printed schedules on-line, or telephone the BCFGA to request spray schedules.


    On-line, print the spray schedules yourself.  The TFPG Spray schedules can be printed by accessing the website  Select the “Spray Schedules” icon, and then the commodity spray schedule you wish to access.  Near the top right hand corner of the commodity spray schedule, there is a printer icon.  Select the icon, and within a few seconds, a printer-ready spray schedule will be displayed.  Then print the displayed pdf.

  1. Order on-line, pre-printed spray schedules.  Order spray schedules on-line.  Here is the 2021 TFPG Spray Schedule link to order your spray schedules.

  2. Telephone us for pre-printed spray schedules.  Call Brenda at 250-762-5226 extension 2.  Leave your name and phone number (when leaving a message, please speak slowly and repeat the phone number).  We will return the call to get more information on your order.


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