BC Election October 24, 2020 - tree fruit industry information

Provincial Election, October 24, 2020 

Preliminary Results - Tree Fruit ridings 

(final results from counting approx. 500,000 mail-in ballots expected Nov. 16)

Candidates in Tree Fruit Growing Areas

BCFGA Election Workplan

BCFGA Agriculture Platform Requests

BC Agriculture Council - Election Information on Ag Policy and Election Platforms

 Policy Questions

BCAC recently sent a series of policy questions to the three main political parties in B.C. The questions were developed from the top member priorities identified through the member survey and interviews conducted this summer. Key questions include the following:

  1. How will your party support a sustainable workforce to directly ensure the stability of our local food system?

  2. How does your party plan to protect and conserve water to ensure that it is accessible to farmers when it is needed most?

  3. Does your party have plans to ensure B.C. farm families and their employees feel safe in their workplace and homes?

  4. What is your party’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the agricultural land for agricultural purposes?

 View the questions and available responses in their entirety here. 

Party Platforms
As parties continue their campaign for the upcoming election more details surrounding their platforms are being released. The platforms for each of the major provincial parties are available below.

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