Chronicle: 1982

If ninety-two years of B.C.F.G.A. existence proves anything, it is that a strong united organization is the best protection the fruit growers have in facing the uncertainties of political policy and the fluctuations in protection the fruit growers have in facing the the market place. (Country Life, Jan. 1982.)

  • At its annual convention, the B.C.F.G.A. passed a resolution recommending that the Agricultural Land Commission should be the final court of appeal. Previously, the Commission was rendered less effective by appeals to the provincial Cabinet.
  • The B.C.F.G.A. passed a resolution supporting a National Marketing Board for tree fruits.
  • Agriculture Minister Jim Hewitt hinted that the provincial government might soon abolish the Agricultural Land Reserves.
  • Payments for the 1980 tree fruit crop wiped out cash reserves in the F.I.I. fund.
  • F.I.I. increased to the point where 90.6 per cent of the tree fruit growers and 97.3 per cent of the acreage was covered.
  • In reply to questions regarding F.I.I. and the viability of the tree fruit industry, the B.C.F.G.A. reassured the Ministry of Agriculture and Food that the tree fruit industry made a highly positive contribution to the provincial economy. The B.C.F.G.A. again expressed concern over the small amount of the ministry's budget devoted to agriculture.
  • Crops were good except for cherries which were heavily damaged by rain.
  • B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd. marketed its crop in the following way: 10-15 per cent of the fruit was consumed in B.C.; 44 per cent was sold to other parts of Canada; 20 per cent was exported offshore; and 20 per cent was sent to the U.S.
  • Following a consultant's study and a $2.5 million shortfall at Sun-Rype Products, B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd. and Sun-Rype Products Ltd. were split into two distinctly separate organizations, similar in some ways to their pre-1970 structure.
  • Harvey Schroeder became the new provincial Minister of Agriculture.
  • The B.C.F.G.A. office returned to 1473 Water Street.

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