Information on the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program is on the Service Canada website:

The SAWP LMIA ( a Service Canada application) link is located on the "5. How to apply" tab.

2022 Employment Contracts (Agreements)

Click here to download the 2022 Mexico Employment Contract.

Click here to download the 2022 Caribbean Employment Contract.

A copy of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) employment contract no longer needs to be included with the LMIA application. Employers are still required to have a copy of the contract on file, signed by both the employer and workers (after they arrive), in the event of any inspection.

Bullying and Harassment factsheet

Bullying and Harassment factsheet in Spanish

Sample Bullying and Harassment Policy

AgSafeBC Bully and Harassment Video and other documents (in English and Spanish)

WorkSafeBC's Resource Toolkit for Bullying and Harassment

Example of House Rules for your SAWP workers

Example of Employee's agreement to work additional hours

Example of Payroll Advance agreement

Factors that may be reviewed during an audit

Suggested Actions to Help Observe-Conform with TFW Rules and Help Make Service Canada Audits as Painless as Possible


Sample of Signage in Spanish and English



Employers must provide TFWs with adequate, suitable and affordable housing as defined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The housing can be either on-farm (for example bunkhouse) or off-site (for example commercial establishment). Employers must ensure the occupancy of each accommodation location does not exceed the maximum occupancy permitted. They must also ensure that sufficient housing will be made available for all TFWs per approved accommodation from the date of arrival to the date of departure.

Housing Inspection 

Effective January 1, 2018, new requirements will need to be followed to confirm that the housing provided to temporary foreign agricultural workers has been inspected, and that all conditions on the housing inspection report have been addressed prior to obtaining a decision.
These additional requirements will include that:
The housing inspection report must:
  • have all relevant sections completed;
  • indicate that the housing has been inspected within the last eight months prior to the date the LMIA application is received by Service Canada (In the case of replacements of TFWs, employers applying for a subsequent LMIA, may use the corresponding housing inspection report even though it is over eight months.); and
  • indicate the maximum number of workers permitted per approved accommodation.

Employers in British Columbia must:

To have your worker housing inspected for the Mexican or Caribbean SAWP Program, call the following certified inspectors:

Kieth Suftin

Kelowna (travels no charge 2 hours)


Brad Pears



Barry Chickloski



Hugh Cairns



Mike Bradshaw



Craig Hostland



Tracy Smith

North Okanagan - Kamloops


Failure to meet the requirements for the housing inspection report without justification will result in the LMIA application being considered incomplete.
Although a housing inspection report with a “pass with conditions” status will still be accepted for the purpose of processing an LMIA application, a decision will not be rendered until the employer has provided evidence that all conditions on the housing inspection report have been addressed.
Employers are responsible for any costs that may be associated to having the housing inspected. Under no circumstances can employers recover these costs from the TFW.

If you would like help from the BCFGA in filling out the forms, contact Bunvir Nijjer at 250-762-5226 ext 4.




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