Follow The BC Liberal & NDP Leadership Races With Us!

The unprecedented resignation of both BC Liberal and NDP leaders presents a rare opportunity for agriculture to gain the attention of future leaders of those parties.

While the BCFGA takes a non -partisan approach, we encourage all growers and members of the association to be involved in the party of their choice, as that provides maximum influence over agriculture policy and how it is developed.

Throughout these leadership races, we will post all leaership contenders' agricultural policy positions on our website, as well as any news update involving agricultural issues and the tree fruit industry.

We encourage you to join and participate in the campaign of the candidate you feel has the strongest pro-agriculture position:

  • BC Liberal Party: to vote for the new leader, the membership deadline is 5:00 p.m. on February 4, 2011 and the cost is $10 for a 4 year membership. You may join online at - select "Join the Party".
  • BC New Democratic Party: to vote for a new leader, the membership deadline was January 17, 2011. Though not in time for the election ofthe new leader, you may join online at to influence future party policy - select "Join Today".

This is one of the biggest opportunities that BC agriculture has had in a long time to advance the interests of our sector...

To read more about the BCFGA agriculture policy position, click on the following link: BCFGA Agriculture Policy & the Leadership Races in BC



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