Who is the BCFGA

We are an industry association representing BC fruit growers’ interests through activities which include lobbying governments for positive change to risk management programs, such as Production Insurance, AgriStability, and AgriInvest Programs.  BCFGA is refocusing it's efforts to increase value to members through services and products to growers.

 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of tree fruit growers elected on two-year terms (alternating) during BCFGA Annual Convention at the end of February, where all members vote as a single body to elect the President, Vice-President, and regionally (North and South) for the 6 regular Board Members. The2024 the BCFGA Board of Directors:

Peter Simonsen (President - elected 2024)

Deep Brar (Vice President - elected 2023)

Ravinder Bains (South, elected 2023)

Parm Dhaliwal (South, elected 2024)

Joginder Dhand (North, elected 2023)

Avi Gill (North, elected 2024)

Mani Gill (North, elected 2023)

Annelise Simonsen (South, elected 2024)


Each Board member serves on a variety of policy advisory committees. The following committees are actively involved in addressing and bringing focus and consensus to issues of particular importance to the tree fruit industry:

Honorarium Committee
Resolutions Committee
Labour Committee
Members Services Committee
Horticulture Committee
Financial Programs Committee



British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association Bylaws consolidated February 11, 2021


Board Handbook with Policies and Procedures for the BCFGA Board of Directors, March 8, 2022

Some of our Policies (contact us for more)

Privacy Policy

British Columbia's Fruit Growers' Association Drought Policy

BCFGA Local Government Election Support Policy

BCFGA Non-Partisan Policy 


Contact Us

Hours: 9am - 4pm weekdays.
880 Vaughan Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7E4

t: 250-762-5226
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